Jessi Honard is a self-proclaimed word nerd and serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping entrepreneurs take ownership of their stories. Always a writer, she graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in English after just two and a half years. At the age of 21, she took a job teaching high school English and went on to earn her Masters in Education. In 2010, burnt out from the constant demands of public education, she took her love of writing and teaching into the world of entrepreneurship. Since then, she has written extensive copy for major universities and non-profit organizations, as well as highly motivated, strategic solopreneurs.

A firm believer in the power of words, Jessi developed the Copywriting Character quiz as a new way of building quality connections through writing. The quiz gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to lay the foundation of their own writing and, as a result, grow their business on a more profound and long-lasting level.

Today we’re going to discuss:

  • The importance of building a quality audience over playing a numbers game (100 raving fans is much better than 1,000 subscribers who are ‘meh’), and doing so through consistency in your voice & style across platforms (something the Copy Character quiz helps with).
  • The biggest user error: Spending thousands of dollars on branding/web design and not following through with your day-to-day copy.
  • Spending far too much time focusing on the ideal client avatar (to obsessive detail) instead of honing your positioning and the benefits you offer.

Copy Character Quiz

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