When your audience is small it can feel like no one is watching.

You’re spending countless hours trying to get your message out into the world only to be rewarded with a few ‘likes’, comments from your long lost high school best friend, and your dad’s your only live viewer on your FB live stream…how did I know?

It happens to me too.

And my dad is definitely my biggest livestream fan.

Which is super sweet, but it can also feel defeating at times…am I right?!

Here’s the thing though…it’s not about you. It’s not about who’s watching you. It’s not for you to decide.

And truly, you NEVER KNOW who’s watching. A potential¬†client, a PR agent, a podcast host who needs new guests, a listener who NEEDED that message today.

So, worry less about how many humans are clicking ‘like’ and worry more about getting your message out into the world every single day!

You also don’t get to decide what part of your message they needed to hear. I often find that the parts I thought would be most transformational aren’t that way at all, and the parts that I don’t even remember saying are the things that people hold onto and needed that day.

Your job? Just show up.