Mariah Coz has been building businesses since 2008. After being in a touring punk band for a few years, she decided she wanted income in between tours and got started online. She first started out on Etsy selling vintage clothes and sunglasses that she would find at thrift stores for a profit. Then she purchased, renovated, and flipped vintage camper trailers for a few years. Mariah became a public speaker, developed a proprietary curriculum for high school girls that she toured around the country, and even did freelance museum curation.

Then, after burning out on selling physical products on Etsy and her crazy speaking/teaching travel schedule, she let go of my profitable, but crazy businesses to pursue “online courses” and get REAL freedom back. Mariah set a goal to replace her Etsy and speaking income with leveraged, passive online courses. 30 days later, Mariah had made $10k selling a course about living in a vintage camper. That was 4 years ago!

It changed everything and set her on the path she is on today – helping people turn their weird passions, hobbies and unique skills into leveraged digital products. Now, Mariah runs Femtrepreneur, a 7-figure business that helps badass young women start their own online course businesses so they can lead autonomous, independent lives!

In this episode, Mariah is sharing some of her best tips for getting recognized and building successful and profitable courses in your niche industry, sharing why she loves super small niches for course building, and how you can get started today with your next big idea.

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