Had an insanely FUN day where my client and I mapped out her 2017 plans…including financial projections…

Super fun when you see the entire investment she made in you returned to her {and then some} in the first month of next year.

{note and tip: we’ll be working together through December 2017, so her ROI will likely be 10-12x the investment — this is always my target for pricing}.

This is the power of strategic planning and investments that help you remove the unnecessary and focus on bigger ROI.

The key to getting a big return on an investment is investing in the RIGHT THINGS.

When you’re mapping out your own goals and projections, identify the GAP.

The GAP is the distance between your GOAL and the ACTION needed to make PROGRESS towards achieving it.

There are 3 areas you may have a GAP and need to fill — know this BEFORE you make an investment.

1. Knowledge GAP {you don’t know the techniques, strategies, tools, etc. at a knowledge level to be able to hit your goal}.

2. Action GAP {you know *what* to do, but aren’t executing for one reason or another – lack of action can be related to needing accountability, support, or belief}.

3. Belief GAP {you don’t believe your goal is possible…and therefore aren’t executing or taking action}.

Some investments can meet multiple GAPS, some just meet one very specifically. There is nothing wrong with that.

There is nothing wrong with having a GAP – we actually ALL have one or multiples {otherwise we’d all have actualized all our goals already}.

The KEY is knowing where your GAP is and investing in something that will help you close that gap. The investment needs to provide the right progress so that your action allows you to achieve your goal.

Where is YOUR current GAP? And do you know how to close it?

Find out in this episode…

And if you’re interested in working 1:1 with Adrienne to close your GAP — you can apply here.