What if your next 90 days were THE BEST 90 days you’ve ever had in business?

What if they were better than you even thought possible?!
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► What if you knew exactly how to make more money, be more productive, and become a more powerful and influential leader over the next 90?

There’s a huge gap between setting goals and achieving them, and there’s a ton of flawed teachings around both concepts.

I talk a lot about productivity and efficiency in my own business…it’s my background in LEAN Six Sigma that drives my own expertise…

But no one is more of an expert on this topic than my mentor and friend, Todd Herman.

Todd is THE BEST high performance coach/advisor you’ll ever meet, hence why I hired him.

Todd’s been working in the ‘field of play’ as he calls it for over 20 years…coaching professional athletes, Olympians, Fortune 100 CEOs and high level entrepreneurs on how to perform when the stakes are high.

*And his systems are independently validated by third-party Harvard researchers…and that means they’ll work for you regardless of what type of business you run or goals you’re trying to achieve.

Traditional goal setting tactics are archaic, ineffective…and they’re definitely not S.M.A.R.T.

This is likely why both you and I have felt there was something MISSING in our goal process in the past…but could never seem to figure out what or WHY.

ENTER: Todd Herman.

Once I started approaching my goals in the way Todd was teaching approached my goals in this way, not only did I start achieving MORE in FAR less time…
… but I’ve done so with more clarity, predictability and less leaked energy {so clutch}.

Todd’s just released his powerful free training video, where he talks about:

  • The 3 reasons why setting the WRONG goals are a surefire way to sabotage your success in 2017(ever notice how millions of business owners set them, yet only a handful ever achieve something on a large scale?).
  • The hidden “leak” in your day-to-day routine that may be robbing you of up to 80% of your productive efficiency… and how to instantly patch it up for good.
  • The “Nike Paradox” and why it can be so disastrous for your long term achievement.
  • The subtle differences between the OW and WOW mindsets, and how with just a few simple tweaks you can move from a self-sabotaging, anxiety-driven entrepreneur caught in the constant comparison trap… to a confident, motivated, constantly-improving high performer.
  • Why setting goals beyond 90 days sucks all the air out of your motivation, leads to crippling procrastination, and goes against the way your brain is naturally wired.

With 2016 coming to a close, what Todd teaches is more important than ever.

Every time Todd opens up this free video series, I watch them all again and learn something new and valuable each time. New aha moments, shifts, transformation, and I cannot wait to hear yours.

I want to invite you along for this free series, because even if you decide to NEVER work with Todd like I have, you WILL get huge value from going through this free content with us.

Listen in to this interview where Todd will share the big differences between goal setters and goal achievers, and how you can be in that second group of humans sooner than later!