Earlier this year I attended an event in Vegas that was the culmination of a program I worked through during Q1 of this year called 90 Day Year, with Todd Herman.

It was an epic weekend to say the least where I connected with some incredible humans and entrepreneurs who are all doing amazing and world changing things.

I took over 40 pages of notes…not even kidding. And I want to share some of those knowledge bombs and insights with you through the podcast and in my FREE community. 

In this episode I share some of my biggest takeaways from keynote speaker, Brian Smith, founder of UGG. He spoke about birthing a business and how we cannot give birth to an adult!

Why do we try to do this all the time? I’ll walk you through what this all really means for you in this episode.

He has 5 big lessons in his talk and this is just one of them, so imagine how much else I have to share with you over the next few months about this event.

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