I know, I know, I’ve been a bit inconsistent here so far this year…not a good way to kick off the new year you may be thinking.

BUT truthfully, this is the BEST way to kick things off. ‘Cause things be changing y’all. Yup.

I used this episode as a ‘dear diary’ of sorts, so bare with me as I let it all out. I knew I needed to share this all with you, and it feels better now that it’s out in the wild and free.

Tune into this episode to hear about what’s happening to The School of Self-Mastery as we know it, what the future looks like for our 2017 content and plans, and who I’m UNAVAILABLE to work with moving forward as we become more vocal and clear with our core values as a company.

If you’re feeling the pull to work together this year — join me inside Momentum Track — www.adriennedorison.com/momentum-track