Before the holidays hits you full force {if it hasn’t already} I wanted to pop in and reflect on some changes I see coming in 2017 in the online space…not just for me {although there’s big changes coming for me too} but for everyone.

The landscape is changing…and if you’re not staying ahead of the curve and continuously improving…you’re falling behind…and you’re not going to make it for the long haul.

  1. Go deeper, not wider.

If you haven’t been living in an internet hole, you’ve seen the same ads I’ve been seeing over the past 6-12 months…

And the one thing that is glaringly obvious is…it’s all the same. It’s generic, it’s boring, it doesn’t stand out in a crowded and increasingly oversaturated market.

This is a losing battle my friends.

Instead of going wide…go deep.

Go super deep into a small niche. Don’t try to reach EVERYONE.

If it’s for everybody, it’s for nobody.

When you give HUGE value in a super specific niche, people come to YOU. You become the go-to expert in that space, and you are able to give tremendous value to the humans you went deep with.

If you’re going wider instead of deeper…you’re going to be pushed out of the market.

  1. Gamify everything.

One of the biggest obstacles I see in the online space is: completion rates.

How can you get results for people if they don’t ever complete your course or program?

NEWSFLASH: you can’t.

You’re going to need to evolve, innovate and start thinking about ways you can get them to actually DO THE WORK that you’ve provided them with.

So what does that have to do with games? GAMIFY IT.

We all love games, it brings out our competitive spirit and encourages us to come back for more.

When you’re building courses or programs, be thinking about how you can GAMIFY things inside the system.

Can you…
— add tokens or points when your students hit certain progress markers?
— create a maze or roadmap that takes them through the content?
— infuse a ‘create your own adventure’ to keep things fun?
— get things to “unlock” once they’ve hit a specific completion rate?
— win more access or bonuses after participating in events?

This of course is not an exhaustive list…get creative, have fun and GAMIFY to get your students/clients/customers involved in actually DOING THE WORK so they can get the results you want for them.

  1. Passive courses are a dying breed — go live.

The ‘set it and forget it crock-pot’ course is dead. No longer can you put this thing on auto-pilot and expect it to grow, get results.

Because while it may be helping people ‘make money while they sleep’ for now…customers ARE NOT going to put up with that for much longer if the course/product/service doesn’t get them the results they desire.

Again, this is about getting your customers better results…by getting them to show up and do the work.

There’s a LARGE number of people out there that buy courses and never ever ever actually go through the content {this hurts you as a course/content creator…not just emotionally because you want your humans to get results, but it’s also going to affect your bottom line, because no results, means no sharing or success stories…}.

So…what’s the BEST way to support your people to actually go through your content?

And I don’t just mean live and in-person {although that’s great too}…just getting people to show up TOGETHER on a live call/teaching session is key.

★ For example, we’re infusing Virtual Planning Retreats and Get It Done Days™ {virtual co-working} into my Momentum Track program to ensure that clients don’t just purchase, but they actually DO THE WORK and get the results they desire.

  1. Create more intimacy.

Just as the market is not going to stand for a crock-pot business model…they’re also CRAVING personal interaction, a human experience. They’re craving more connection and intimacy than ever before.


Because they’re feeling alone. {heck, I feel it…don’t you?!}

Technology is the one thing that can make our lives easier and grow our businesses in incredibly smart, scalable and efficient ways…but people still want to connect with people.

Not everything should be scalable.

You should have parts of your business that DO provide direct access to you. You need to get on the phone with your customers {and this goes for you regardless of your business size…if you’re just getting started or making $1M a month…you need to talk to your people}.

Not only does this keep you connected, grounded and creating a very craved level of intimacy…but it’s also going to give YOU ideas for content, programs, and a better understanding of the challenge and problems your market is experiencing. It’s a win-win.

BUT the people who write this off and believe that ALL PASSIVE, ALL SCALABLE is the way to go…will be left in the dust and traded in for companies that are willing to FULLY and intimately support their people.

Which leads me to the #5 change…because intimacy doesn’t need to be 1:1 phone calls {although that’s awesome too}…you can create intimacy in other ways in your business…

  1. Content Segmentation

You know how everyone was talking about funnel funnel funnnnnnnnels this year?
Yeah…that’s about to change.

It’s not just about creating one funnel that leads people to your product…nope.

Content segmentation is creating content that is specific to the needs of each of your customer segments.

The weekly newsletter that goes to your ENTIRE list, or the one sales funnel that doesn’t segment your different types of customers is going to cost you BIG and drastically reduce your conversion rates.

This is a POWERFUL way to create intimacy in your business with your customers without necessarily getting on the phone with them all.

So, let’s think about this with an example.

You run a nutrition blog and sell a course that helps your students get healthy at home by teaching them to cook simple meals in less than 30 min a day.

The course has different recipes for students with all different dietary needs {you make adjustments to each recipe for vegans, paleo, and gluten-free peeps}.

BUT when you started selling the course — you used the same content for everyone.

So, your potential clients who were vegans saw an email with the 3 recipes for microwaved meat {eww, sorry…I just made this up…and it was what came to my head first} and now they think you TOTALLY don’t understand them or know who they are or what they like…you’ve offended or even upset some of them…

BUT WAIT…you DO create vegan recipes in the course…they just didn’t stick around long enough to hear about it because you didn’t create segmented targeted content for them. Too late…they already unsubscribed…womp womp.

Instead of sending the same email to everyone…we want to think about ALL your potential customer segments and make sure we’re tweaking and targeting the content for each of them and then using content segmentation in your emails and funnels to meet your peeps where they are.

You want them to think you’re reading their minds. You’re creating the intimacy they’re craving just by showing them you know who they are, you’re listening and you’re not just putting them all into one huge melting pot basket. 

Ryan Levesque and his ASK methodology are spearheading this movement in a big way.

And if you’re thinking “OMG Adrienne…I literally JUST got these other things figured out, and now I’ve got to figure this out too?!”

Well…yes and no…

Yes, because if you want to stay relevant in a fast-paced market…you need to be ready and willing to continuously improve.

You need to be willing to meet the needs of your customers and ask yourself what it’s worth to you to create a profitable and sustainable business in 2017 and beyond.

And no…because you don’t need to do EVERYTHING I’ve shared here, but you do need to be thinking about it and deciding which one you’re going to focus on…and the best part for you — I’m going to be available to help you through these market shifts.

More on all this next week friends 🙂