I want to start a movement around the conversation of GIVING, generosity, and our unique ability as entrepreneurs to earn more and give more than ever before.

This past week I had a phone conversation with my friend, Becky Straw, from The Adventure Project about how we’re going to be giving even MORE to her organization than ever before and how I wanted to get more of my community involved in her monthly giving program, The Collective. 

She’s currently running a contest where YOU can win a trip to go with her and her team to Kenya to see how The Adventure Project is making an impact with entrepreneurs in local communities and I wanted her to share exactly what that looked like.

I just so happened to be recording it as well and wanted to share it here with you. If it calls to you, I’d love for YOU to start your giving with The Adventure Project this month in their Collective and be entered to win a trip to Kenya.

I also share with Becky why I think it’s so important for me to share this message of Good Businesses Do Good in a bigger way, and I want to SHOW YOU that you CAN start giving right now.

If you’re interested in joining The Collective and being entered to win a trip to Kenya — join us here! 


Becky Straw on her original interview on the show.