Spending lots of time ‘working’ but having a hard time getting clients?

I hear you…and we can help.

Focused on the wrong things early on? What you need to do BEFORE you spend a moment on marketing.Click To Tweet

You’re probably focused on the wrong things in the beginning, and while everyone is telling you that marketing your business is the most important piece, they failed to mention what you need to do BEFORE you spend a moment on marketing.

Today’s guest, Becca Tracey from TheUncagedLife.com is going to rewind for a moment and share the 4 most important pieces to getting and keeping clients when you’re just starting a business…without all the BS of having to use every marketing gimmick under the sun.

Becca is also sharing the 5 Secrets to Getting More Clients As A Coach on a FREE training with my audience this week — do NOT miss this.

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