You have business questions, and I've got answers to get you moving forward. Are you feeling like:

  • There's so much going on that you aren't sure you're putting efforts in the right places for the best ROI?
  • Trying to build your list, grow revenue, hire & train a team, scale your efforts sustainably, work with clients and do #AllTheThings...all with a sense that inevitable burnout is around the corner?
  • Ready to push through your revenue plateau to the next level, but not sure where to put your limited energy?

Working More Isn’t the Answer to your Growth Problems.

In fact, trying to work your way out of a business bottleneck is the fastest way I know to burnout city.  

When we experience a challenge in our businesses, our first inclination is to just do a little more… 

Stay up a bit later… Put in a few more hours…  

But your problem isn’t that you aren’t working hard enough.  

I know you know how to do the work — you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t! But working IN your business — making more offers, starting more projects, selling more STUFF — isn’t actually going to get you where you really want to go.  

  • You’re motivated to grow and improve in your business… but you just don’t know where to invest your time, energy, money and other resources to get the maximum results.
  • You know that you’re called to do big things in your business and live… but you’re afraid that means spending even MORE time working to make it happen.
  • You’re experiencing growth in your business… but it’s almost TOO MUCH growth, leaving you feeling harried, unfocused, and out of control.
  • You’ve got a lot of amazing opportunities showing up… but you feel like you have to turn them away because you just don’t have the bandwidth.
  • You know that what you REALLY want to do is more of what you love… but you’re so bogged down with “business stuff” it feels like there’s no room for your passion any more.  

And I know you know: that’s a crappy feeling when you can’t figure out how to physically do any more to get where you want to go.  

My friend, let me set you free: You don’t have to work MORE to get MORE out of your business.  

{In fact, the secret is often about doing LESS to achieve bigger + better results!}  

Because the way to do more with your business isn’t about adding MORE offers, MORE team members, MORE tools —  

It’s about optimizing + maximizing what you’re already doing to get better results. And most of the time that can be accomplished with just a few tiny tweaks and small adjustments that leave you wondering… 

Why the heck didn’t I do that sooner?!  

Instead of working IN your business more, you need choose to work ON your business more:

  • Picking the right goals for your business based on what your business needs right now
  • Getting clear on your most important focus and the specific actions that will get you there
  • Feeling confident in the business decisions you’re making
  • Knowing where to gather feedback + insights on any pressing business question.  

In other words, you need a focused growth strategy. {No more throwing ideas around to see what sticks!}  

And that’s where I come in. 

I offer full and half day 1:1 intensives for business owners that want their company to grow and improve, but aren’t exactly sure where to invest time, energy, money and other resources to get the maximum results. We turn effort into results. These intensives are limited, and by application only. 

If you're interested in learning more -- book a complimentary breakthrough strategy session below where we'll dig into where you're currently stuck with your business and/or where you want to grow. If we both feel you're a good fit for an intensive, we'll discuss more details on the call.

Increased our profit margins by over 13% in just one quarter. I truly started to delegate tasks that I should not be doing as the owner. I gave away so many items off my list, there were days where I found myself with REAL free time. I was able to focus my energy on our goals of sales and systems. And my team has done a great job rising to the occasion and taking things off my plate. Honestly, my mindset has completely shifted. 

Carlee Marhefka, Eat the 80

Ready to create strategic growth?

Too often, I see entrepreneurs focused on the outward facing parts of their business when they want to grow or have stalled with their growth. They launch a new list-building effort like a challenge or a free ecourse; they revamp their social media strategy or spend more time doing new things like Facebook Live; or they start their gazillionth new project in the hopes that it will finally pay off.  

All of those things qualify as working IN your business instead of ON your business.  

When you work ON your business instead, you identify the things that really do matter {AND you have the right information to know which is which!}, you create systems to free up your time to address on those important things, and you take focused action that accomplishes your goals more quickly + efficiently than you ever thought possible.  

But we all know it’s easy to waste a LOT of time trying to identify where you are IN your business. Business owners are often so close to things that they can’t see the problems or opportunities that are staring them in the face!  

That’s why bringing in an outside advocate who can laser focus on where you’re losing time, energy, and focus will result in being able to make small but epic shifts to working ON the business. And THAT allows you to be more strategic, efficient, and streamlined with every aspect of your business so that you’re working less and achieving more.  

And I know that I can help you do all that with a minimum of fuss because I’ve done it so many times before — not only as a corporate SCRUM and Six Sigma facilitator, but also for individual small business owners just like you. That’s because I can see the big picture and help you hone in on exactly the tweaks and small changes that will get you big results. 

I've created Strategic Growth Intensive days specifically for you -- business owners that want their company to grow and improve, but aren’t exactly sure where to invest time, energy, money and other resources to get the maximum results. They don't have time for courses, lengthy programs and don't necessarily need ongoing retainer support. 

You need someone to come in, help you get laser focused and pop back out again so you can enjoy the results!

These are available as application only sessions as space is extremely limited, and I choose to work with people that I believe will get amazing results. If you're interested in working with me via an Intensive day {available both in person, and virtually} -- book a free breakthrough strategy session. 

We'll jam out on your business, and if I feel that you're a good fit for an Intensive and you're still interested, we'll discuss further on our call. 

Revenue increased by 54% (HELLO) in one quarter. Finally feel like I’ve stepped into my CEO shoes, hired the right help, and gave back to causes I love.

— Sarah Kornblet, Destination Legal

Ready to create strategic growth?

To help propel you into a new stage of growth for your business, and give you the quick injection of strategic insights from someone far enough outside your business bubble, I’ve developed the Strategic Growth Intensive, a bespoke, one-on-one opportunity to get laser focused on your business. 

Whether that’s:

  • Increasing revenue
  • Working fewer hours
  • Hiring and delegating to a team
  • Implementing systems and standard operating procedures
  • Improving your brand messaging or market position

Or something else entirely that is keeping you stuck in your business!  

Whatever objectives or challenges you bring to the Strategic Growth Intensive, you will walk away with confidence that you have selected the most important projects + goals to focus on for the next 90–180 days to bring in the highest ROI with the least amount of effort + resources.  

You will have clear + specific actions mapped out based on the most important goal selection so that you will spend less time working on things that don’t provide ROI this quarter.  

You will enjoy more free time because you understand exactly what will move the needle and can stop doing things that spread you thin.  

Your profit margins will increase, your cash flow will improve + your time spent working will decrease.

This is a high touch, deep dive experience into your business and as such, options to work together currently start at $3000. Are you ready, and able, to invest in the growth of your business? If yes, schedule a complimentary breakthrough strategy session below -- and if we both feel that an Intensive is the best way to move the needle forward for you, we'll discuss details on the call.  

It was seriously a game changer, and my mind is still spinning from all the insights. Q4 will be a whole new ballgame.

— Ruth Soukup, Living Well Spending Less + Elite Blog Academy

Take the next step. 

I’m offering a limited number of Strategic Growth full-days and half-days specifically designed to help you achieve your particular business goals and objectives with more ease. If you think this might be the right move to take your business from stuck to strategic + from stagnant to soaring, fill out an application for a free breakthrough strategy session and let’s talk about how a Strategic Growth Intensive could completely revitalize your business. 

These Intensive sessions are application only -- if you're interested in working with me 1:1 as an advocate for your business -- book a complimentary breakthrough strategy session below. We'll dig into a big question that you're wrestling with right now, and then if we both want to move forward, we can discuss the Intensive opportunity further on the call.

If you’re ready to stop working so hard IN your business and start working ON the things that will actually move you forward, I invite you to click the button below for your free breakthrough strategy session!