You might be thinking you’re GREAT at multi-tasking! It’s how I work best you tell yourself! 

Heck you pride yourself on it and have even used it as a strength on a job application in the past…but what if it was all a LIE?! 

What if I told you you were losing up to 75% of your day to multi-tasking? Is that enough of a loss to get you to listen?

If you’re working on 5 different projects at one time — you’re losing up to 75% of your time to context switching.

If I have 8 hours in my day…only 2 hours is actual productive work.

You can be smart and competent and still very unproductive.

Exhausting, frustrating.
Think about all that extra time you could be saving. All those results you’re missing out on…
It doesn’t have to be this way!
You’re not bad at what you do, you’re just working inside of a broken model. You CAN fix that model, and I’m going to send you over to Todd Herman’s free video series to get started.